This notice presents the rules for submission of papers to be published in the journal Science Planet, issue N. 02/2017

1) Planet Science is a journal with free and unrestricted access through the site
            2) may be submitted scientific papers presenting results. literature review articles are not accepted.

3) Articles are accepted in the areas:Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Health Sciences, Human Sciences, Engineering, Exact Sciences and Social Sciences.

4) Each author may submit up to five works per issue and each job can have up to 5 authors.
          5) The works can be sent by email, as an attachment, the e-mail sending the authorization is required for publication without charge to the Scientific Centre Know, signed by all the authors of the paper, scanned (model at the end of this announcement). The receipt of the works will be accepted between days 10 april 2017 until 30 june 2017. It is sent e-mail confirmation of receipt of each article. The contact e-mail to the authors reported in the article, is the only way to contact the authors.

6) Selection of papers: The works will be evaluated by the Technical and Scientific Committee. Confirmation of approval is reported until july 21, 2017.

8) Technical-Scientific Commission may take the following resolutions:
a) Disapprove work without comments in cases of plagiarism or technical quality judged as insufficient.
b) Disapprove work with observations reported to the authors who have the opportunity to correct the work.
c) To approve the work.
9) the appeal: The decision on the papers accepted by the Technical and Scientific Committee are final.
         9) Publication: The papers will be published in PDF format, without restrictions, in place of the digital magazine Planet Science. The description of the work implies authorization for its full publication at no cost to the Scientific Centre Know. The author must submit with the application a statement of approval for publication attached. Each author will receive the Scientific Center Know a certificate proving its publication. The papers will be published in august 2017.
          10) Submission of publishing certificates: will be issued a certificate for each author of each accepted paper. At the time of shipment (s) of work (s), the (s) author (s) must (RAO) enter a shipping address (s) of your certificate (s) (s) of publication by the Scientific Centre Know.
          11) To carry out the registration of each work, a contribution rate will be charged in the amount of $ 10 (ten dollars). Copy of the deposit receipt must accompany the authorization of publication sent by email. The deposit must be made to the account of the Bank of Brazil Number 50865-9 Agency 3486-X Holder: Faculty Innovatio ..
          12) The magazine carries out the statistical evaluation of articles by qualified professionals in this area.
          13) Publishing vouchers will be sent only by e-mail.
          14) The authors are aware that will not be refunded the amount paid in respect of works that are rejected.
          15) After submitting the article, it does not accept the exchange, withdrawal or inclusion of authors.
          16) The information presented in the study are the sole responsibility of their authors.


1) Delivery form: The work must be submitted in complete form - Typed in DOC format (not being accepted DOCX, PDF or other) containing Title, name (s) complete (s) (s) author (s) (no abbreviations), the lead author email, including home institution, city and country.
          2) The work should have: summary in English, keywords (in alphabetical order), Title in a foreign language, foreign language summary (abstract) keywords in foreign language (keywords). The abstract should have a maximum of 250 words.
         3) The work must provide the sections: introduction, objectives (which may be inserted in the introduction), material and method, results and discussion, conclusion (if applicable), references.
The format will follow the rules: Body justified text, single spacing, top and left margin of 3 cm, bottom and right margin of 2 cm, written in at least 7 pages and a maximum of 30 A4-sized paper, Arial font size 12. pages should not be numbered.
         4) Figures: Should be submitted in jpg format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. We guide for the work has preferably maximum size 1.000Kb. Figures should inform the source.
          6) works are accepted in English.
          7) Articles are accepted in the forms:
                a - scientific research with results;
                b - Case Study;
                c - Literature Reviews (by invitation);
          8) For all publications: must contain at least 50% of the cited references being the last five years.
        10) Submissions must be made during the announcement of the duration of obeying the rules of it.
        11) Work resulting from research with people or animals must inform the opinion of the ethics and registration number committee. (This information can be sent attached to work)
        12) Guidelines for the development of the text:
                - Scientific work should be written in an impersonal way.
                - References in the text should appear in the final list and vice versa.
                - All submitted articles are answered evaluators and guidelines for authors to improve their work (when applicable).
                - Part third of texts that is not quoted correctly is considered as plagiarism and the article is refused.

Other information by email


Prof.. Ivonete Parreira
Editorial Board and Scientific


I declare for any purposes that the text entitled ......................................... ...................... is my own and that every effort has been made to ensure that the sources used in the same were explained in the actual body of the text and references . I am aware that all information presented in the study are the sole responsibility of the authors.
This work: () is unprecedented () is not unheard of.
                Through this statement I authorize the disclosure of the text for print, electronic or otherwise, the Scientific Center Meet at no cost. This work is now licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

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