The Journal Planet Science aims to publish articles and literature reviews in all areas of knowledge. Authors can submit work that is unpublished or not, and the magazine always publish a minimum of fifty percent (50%) of original articles in each issue.

           scientific articles related to Agricultural Sciences and biodiversity.

     Publishes articles in English.

The periodicity is semiannual, published by the Scientific Center Know, directed the dissemination of research and studies which contribute to academic knowledge.

The work should be of permanent interest in research, development and design that fit the following categories:

Research report: investigation based on empirical data using scientific methodology.

Report of professional experience: a case study, containing analysis of conceptual implications, or description of procedures or intervention strategies, with methodologically appropriate evidence of the efficacy of interest to the work of experts in different areas.

literature review: analysis of a comprehensive content research, which aim to clarify or deepen knowledge.
For all the articles minimum limit is 5 pages and a maximum of 30 A4-sized paper with Arial size 12.
It is for the Scientific Centre Know, editor of the journal, decide on the acceptance for publication based on the opinion of two ad hoc reviewers.